The Camp Verde Community Library hosted the first segment of an Intro to Numerology course on Jan. 10. 

The course is conducted by numerologist Carmelle Migliore, who has been studying numerology for 30 years in an effort to understand nonphysical phenomena and translate them into something useful. She believes numerology helps people validate the good points in their lives and provides insight to help them cope with the negative points. 

The two-part course will focus on Migliore’s theory of how the opportunities and cyclic waves of an individual’s life are governed by numbers. During the first class, she discussed the general rules of her language of numbers and explained to her audience how to calculate their personal “timing numbers” according to her system. Migliorie also argued that the human brain is naturally wired to make patterns. 

Migliore recognizes nine integers, which she divides into frequencies. In her system, 1, 2 and 3 represent a beginning or initiatory phase; 4, 5 and 6 represent a productive phase; and 7, 8 and 9 represent a resolution phase. According to Migliore, these are part of a continuously-repeating cycle. 

In addition, Migliore claimed that odd and even numbers represent respiration, with odd numbers relating to inner processes and even numbers relating to going outside of one’s self in reality. 

The general qualities Migliore assigned to each of her nine numbers were: 

  • 1: Beginnings and identity
  • 2: Gathering and connection with others
  • 3: Joy and self-expression
  • 4: Order, process and design
  • 5: Change and expansion that stimulate growth
  •  6: Self-responsibility and nurturing
  • 7: Analysis, intellect and seeking information
  • 8: Material mastery and the opportunity to build
  • 9: Resolutions and ultimate love

Migliore regards zero as not a number but a magnifier that tells individuals what they will accomplish. 

Migliore provided audience members with a worksheet to help them calculate their personal year cycle according to her system, which she claimed would provide insight into the opportunity and growth they could expect during the year. In her system, this is calculated by the components of core personality, including life path, birthday, expression and motivation. Migliore stated that each number corresponded to multiple letters and that by using numbers that corresponded to the letters in a name, individuals could determine the components of their personal year cycle. 

The second part of the course, which will be held on Tuesday, Jan. 24, will take a closer look at attendees’ personal opportunities and cycles for 2023. 

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