Welcome 2023 with opens arms as experts reveal this “is the best year in our yearly cycle.” According to numerologist.com, this new time brings growth for everyone, even those who feel “tired, drained, and stuck under the crushing weight of the last year.”

What 2023 means for all, according to Numerologist

The website’s experts, which share personalized Numerology and Astrology reports, explained that 2023 is a 7-year, meaning this is a year of “spiritual reflection.”


While 2022 was focused on your relationship with others, 2023 is all about you. “It is a year of a self-seeking mission,” experts assure, adding that “2023 holds a journey of self–development, and introspection. It is a year of becoming quiet and improving one’s skills. Your ambitions and goals will take priority this year, and you will see great improvements in preparation for the coming year, which is an 8-year.”

2023 is the year to prepare

According to numerologist.com, “it is the year of preparing and laying solid foundations for the future;” therefore, you must take your spiritual and physical journey seriously. Those who constantly lived without a clear direction will find in 2023 the right moment to set on course.

A “me” year

As a 7-year, 2023 focuses on the concept of “self-centeredness.” These 12 months invite you “to look inward, to become more critical and analytic in finding yourself.”

However, it is a slow yet steady process, so experts suggest avoiding rushing goals or growth; otherwise, it will lead to more hurt and frustration.

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Calculating Your Life Path Number for 2023, according to Numerologist

2023 add up to number 7, but to get your Life Path Number for this year, “you’d have to make 2023 the base year and not your original birth year.”

For example, you were born on August 8, 1993. Instead of 1993 as the base year, 2023 will become the base.

Numerologist calculations will go thus:

08: 0+8 = 8

08: 0+8 = 8

2023: 2+0+2+3 = 7

8+8+7 = 23

23: 2+3 = 5

Therefore, this year’s Life Path Number for someone born on that date will be 5.

Your turn!

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