Life Path Number 5: “These people are free-spirited, love adventure and are all about new experiences. And because the five energy goes beyond the four corners, they need their freedom and independence and cannot feel restricted. They honor their individuality and need to have a partner that gives them their space. Life Path 5 people are usually freelancers or work for themselves in some capacity because their time and energy are valuable to them.”

Life Path Number 6: “Six in numerology is the energy of success, love, balance and abundance. Life Path 6 can have a bad rap because in Christianity the number is associated with the devil but it’s actually not that at all. Six amplifies your ability to manifest. It’s also a number associated with the planet and Greek Goddess Venus, so Life Path 6 people are nurturers, charismatic and business-savvy. Others tend to naturally like you because they find you beautiful from the inside out and want to help you succeed. Moreover, Life Path 6 people are chameleons, they can go into any environment, any situation and adapt.”

Life Path Number 7: “These people have been through a lot but they overcome as well. They’re the underdog and can be accident-prone, but they’re also artistic and spiritual. And that’s what makes them special. They’re great at sharing their wisdom, offering advice and making a huge impact. They’re like Renaissance people, translating what’s happening in pop culture and creating something from it because they have a very deep perspective. But they do need time to recharge and go through periods of isolation.”

Life Path Number 8: “These people believe in luxury, the beauty of life and investing in themselves. But they have to balance materialism with spirituality because when you’re a Life Path 8, you’re here to achieve a lot and experience an abundance of wealth and prosperity. These people do great working in the business sector of finance, private banking and real estate. They have an excessive personality but are also big givers. They’re the type of people that will take their friends on a paid cruise to the Bahamas.”

Life Path Number 9: “These people are all about end goals and releasing—those are the themes of their life. And Life Path 9 people always feel a sense of urgency because, on a subconscious level, they’re thinking this is their last lifetime. They know they need to do something fulfilling. These people are also very connected to nature and spirituality because they have crazy life experiences that leads them down this path. They may find themselves working with children, animals or outdoors. They’re here to help other people and share their inspiration to bring light into the world. Ultimately, Life Path 9 is about enlightenment.”

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