Jordannah Elizabeth, AmNews writer and best-selling author of “She Raised Her Voice! 50 Black Women Who Sang Their Way Into Music History” brings her candor and insight to the world of astrology. On sale September 13, “Astrology for Black Girls: A Beginner’s Guide for Black Girls Who Look to the Stars” is an honest, open exploration of what the stars reveal for Black girls who are interested in harnessing and cultivating the power of the zodiac, and bringing that power and understanding to their lives and the lives of those around them. 

This book provides the perfect introduction to astrological charts including the sun, moon, rising signs, houses, elements, and more. As a life-long astrology practitioner, Jordannah Elizabeth addresses the role of astrology in Black communities, how to practice both faith and astrology, how to talk to family and friends about the stars, and how to use the zodiac for personal empowerment. Complete with four-color illustrations by Chellie Carroll throughout, this beautiful book will capture the imagination of middle-grade Black girls for years to come.

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