Swaati Mehrotra is one of the most Iconic Vedic astrologers, tarot card readers & manifestation coaches in India. She is one of the few female Indian Vedic astrologers who have made a name for themselves by counselling and giving advice on essential subjects such as career, finance, health, and love.

Swaati started her company Chaalcharka, an astrology company which helps people with Astrology, tarot & manifestation consultation in career, finance, health & love. Chaalchakra was founded in the year 2020. Chaalchaka has seen tremendous growth around the globe under the leadership of Swaati Mehrotra in a year short period of time. Chaalchakra works on two types of revenue models. Chaalchara provides consultancy and also provides courses in Manifestation and Tarot card reading to new learners, these two services are Chaalchakara’s primary source of revenue. In upcoming years Chaalchakra has a plan to expand globally and help more than a million people through their services.

“Build your success around something you believe in, don’t let the world change your beliefs, make a change in people’s lives and let the world believe in you.” – Swaati Mehrotra

Swaati is also personally involved in teaching tarot card reading & manifestation to her mentees. Swaati aims to influence millions of people with her coaching and consultancy services.

Till now Chaalchakra has helped more than 10,000  people through her consultancy service and trained more than 1,500  people to become expert astrologers and tarot card, readers.

But the story isn’t as smooth as it seems. Things weren’t easy for Swaati. She was depressed and anxious, and thoughts of finishing herself were all over her. She was broken with no hope left. But the problems planted the seed for the revolution in Swaati’s life. She wanted to know why it was happening and why all of the mishappenings showered on her.

Struggle teaches you a lot, maybe your today’s struggle is defining your Tomorrow’s future. – Swaati Mehrotra

She started learning Vedic astrology to help herself. Then, after digging deep into astrology, Tarot cards, numerology, and manifestation, she supported herself and now is helping thousands of people around the globe through Chaalchakra.

Swaati firmly believes in the concept of Karma and that what we did in the past governs the tides of our present life. However, she also believes that our good deeds have the power to reform and change the course of our future. During her research in Vedic astrology, she also mastered sciences such as Tarot Reading, manifestation, Numerology, and Vastu. She knows different types of Vedic charts and has a deep understanding of such topics enabling her to quickly and accurately interpret the nuances in one’s life.

In the upcoming year, we’ll see Chaalchakra as a global brand and it will reach to help every individual around the globe because the aim is to show the world that astrology has the power to change lives, minimise suffering and make the world a better place with a new sight of astrology.

Swaati Mehrotra says, “you also have a second chance and all the events in your life are your karma. And through Vedic astrology, you can make your life much better and more accessible.”



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