There are no other planets that interact like Mars and Venus. As two of the personal planets, they bring action, love, desire, attraction, and drive and push the most intense buttons in our lives. So, it is worth looking at the love, war, and everything between Mars and Venus in astrology! 

The Mythological Background

Venus represents the Greek Goddess of love and beauty, Aphrodite. Born out of the sea foam, she is the daughter of Zeus and Dione. Of all the myths involving Aphrodite, her love affair with Ares, the God of war, stands out as the most impressive. Aphrodite and Ares had adultery, which her husband discovered and exposed to all of Olympus. 

Mars symbolizes the God of war, Ares, who embodies assertiveness, aggression, passion, and drive. Ares was also a very handsome God with an iconic body and incredible sexual desire. Mars brings all his qualities and his raw energy into our astrological charts. 

Looking at the mythological figures, Mars and Venus are the most intense pairs in the heavens and can contour our lives and relationships. 

Astrological Significance

Astrologically speaking, Venus and Mars are rooted in Greek mythology, but their energy perfectly applies to our contemporary lives. 

Venus carries over the beauty, love, and desire of Aphrodite, shining this energy in our natal chart and synastries. Venus is also the planet that governs aesthetic aspects and artistic talents since they are tightly related to the energy of beauty and love. This planet rules over the earth sign of Taurus and the air sign of Libra. Note that Venus also shines over hedonistic pleasures, making us seek satisfaction through love, relationships, and material satisfaction. 

An exciting aspect about Venus is that it can have a different interpretation in a man’s chart than a woman’s. Venus in a woman’s chart symbolizes her biggest desires and her way of expressing her beauty and love. In such a chart, Venus is more of a reflection of the woman’s beauty and the way she manifests her energy within a romantic relationship. In a madman’s chart, Venus speaks more of the qualities he seeks in a partner and what attracts him to a romantic relationship. Men don’t truly express their Venus, but they use the energy of this planet to magnetize what they desire into their lives.

Looking at Mars, we find all the features of Ares, the God of war. This planet rules over the fire sign of Aries and has a love affair with Scorpio. Until we discovered Pluto, Mars used to be assigned to both Aries and Scorpio. Mars is sometimes assertive, even aggressive, ambitious, and full of drive and determination. Mars can bring conflict but also accomplishments. His position in the zodiac signs affects how individuals assert themselves, pursue goals, and handle confrontations. In a natal chart, Mars’s aspects with other planets illuminate one’s approach to challenges and the expression of one’s physical energy, shaping one’s journey toward empowerment and action.

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Venus and Mars in Relationships

The aspects of Venus and Mars can speak volumes about a relationship’s dynamics. These are the first two planets astrologers look at when interpreting a synastry. These two celestial bodies influence our relationships in several ways:

Physical attraction 

Venus may be more romantic and sensitive than Mars, but her energy is also focused on sexual attraction, just like Aphrodite sought Ares for their physical affair. Venus wants pleasure, and the sooner you listen to her desires, the better you will know what you want in life. Depending on its placement, this planet can tell you what you seek in a partner and how you might reach financial accomplishment. 

Mars is the action-oriented energy that gives a relationship direction. The Mars partner is the one with courage and boldness in a couple, deciding on spontaneous adventures and never thinking twice before acting. But the raw sexual energy of Mars completes the desire of Venus in a very passionate manner, too. 

A trine, sextile, or conjunction between Mars and Venus will guide the couple through a fascinating relationship. They will go on many adventures together and bring an almost magical excitement to the bedroom. More challenging aspects like Mars opposite Venus or Mars square Venus can require mutual efforts to manifest the blessings of these two planets. But if the couple is committed and determined to have a healthy relationship, every challenge is a step forward for them!

Harmony or conflicts

Mars can bring conflicts, disagreements, and even physical altercations if the planet is in a toxic aspect, such as a square to Venus or Satun. Venus, on the other hand, seeks harmony, peace, and love. A good aspect is that Venus can take over Mars’ aggression and calm it down in a way that supports the relationship through difficult times. However, if Venus is in Cancer and Mars is in Aries, for instance, this could be more difficult to accomplish. 

It is essential to learn how and when to let one planet or another take over the dynamic of a relationship. There are times when Mars’s brave energy can be a better leader than Venus’s feminine energy. But there are other times when it is wiser to choose peace over a battle that is not worth having. 

Relationship balance 

The balance of a relationship relies heavily on the connection between Mars and Venus. The wisdom stays in harmony, the love and beauty of Venus, and the assertiveness and braveness of Mars. In a healthy relationship, Venus shines over the couple’s shared goals, and Mars brings the drive to achieve them despite all odds. 

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Mars and Venus in Personal Growth

Looking at Venus and Mars’ placements in our natal charts can reveal valuable information about our core energy and personality. 

You can focus Mars’ energy on a noble cause and concentrate your actions on achieving positive goals in your life. Mars is only dangerous and aggressive when it vibrates at a lower frequency, allowing it to manifest its shortcomings. Knowing how to control Martian energy is knowing how to control your instincts and domesticate your impulses. Choose to think twice, act once, and analyze if your final goal is worth the fight. 

As for Venus, this planet can be the sweet voice in your head that directs you toward indulging in the pleasures of life. Even a poor aspect of Venus, which is focused on superficial and hedonistic pleasures, can be educated to evolve to a different level of beauty. Use the energy of Venus to practice self-care, engage in artistic pursuits, and enjoy the beauty of life. Remember that we attract the type of partners that respond to our energy, and it is essential to become the energy you want to attract in your personal life. 

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Final thoughts

Understanding the energy of love, war, and everything in between – Mars and Venus in astrology, is getting in touch with the core of your human nature. We are beings of pleasure and emotion; these two personal planets represent our most potent essence. This is why you can’t fail in your personal life once you tame your Maars and Venus. Make their energies work for you! 

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