May is the luckiest month of 2024, and it will touch each zodiac sign in different forms. There is no lousy aspect that we should worry about in the next four weeks, but there are some beautiful astrological events that we should take advantage of! Let’s see the most important astrological aspects of May 2024 and how you can manifest their energy in your life! 

Pluto Goes Retrograde on May 2nd 

May starts with Pluto going retrograde in Aquarius on May 2nd and remaining in retrograde until October 11th. Pluto will also step back in Capricorn in September 2024 during this retrograde. This retrograde wants us to finally heal our past. We must make peace with what happened and move on with clear karma. 

Pluto retrograde, a catalyst for transformation, may stir up past fears and triggers in our lives. Its ultimate purpose is to heal these wounds, leading us to shed relationships that no longer serve us or were built on unstable foundations. However, it also presents an opportunity for us to authentically and genuinely reshape our lives. This karmic period is a stepping stone towards our divine purpose, provided we remain true to ourselves and those around us. 

New Moon in Taurus

On May 7th , a New Moon in Taurus dawns, heralding a new vision and beginnings. This new moon, in harmony with the energy of Pluto retrograde, strengthens our resolve to eliminate what no longer serves us. Being in Taurus, this new beginning promises stability and endurance. Guided by Venus, the ruler of Taurus, we are encouraged to nurture our relationships and engage in activities that ignite our passion. 

Set your intentions wisely and realistically for this new moon. Make sure your plans are aligned with your higher purpose, and don’t let your past hold you back. With Mercury retrograde over, you have nothing else to worry about this May!

Mercury Enters Taurus 

Speaking of Mercury, this omnipresent planet in our lives enters Taurus as well. The Messenger of the Gods enters Taurus on May 15th and brings better communication and enhanced rational abilities. We process information clearly and learn to transmit our message to the world more efficiently. 

With Mercury’s entrance into Taurus, we are gifted with enhanced communication and rational abilities. This period encourages us to communicate honestly and invest in reliable connections. We may encounter individuals who resonate with our psychological side, aiding us in our journey toward our goals. Networking can thrive during this time, and relationships can reach a higher level of clarity and understanding. 

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Hello, Gemini Season!

On May 21st, we step into Gemini season! Happy birthday, dear Geminis, and may you have one of the best seasons yet! Gemini season makes us all more curious and activates our intellect. We are more open to learning and growing through new experiences. Gemini is a profoundly psychological sign that can bring many fun and adventures. 

Live the moment and learn to make the most out of your blessings. Gratitude and courage to go after what your heart wants are the main rules of this Gemini season! 

Full Moon in Sagittarius

As the moon of May 2024 comes to an end, we will be blessed with a Full Moon in Sagittarius on May 23rd. This Full Moon invites us to explore new perspectives and adventures that will bring fun times and significant personal development. It is a time to look at our relationships and identify their value. 

We don’t meet or lose people by accident; if we can find a higher purpose in our connections, we will also learn the most valuable lessons. Keep an open mind and heart this full moon, and allow yourself to reach a new level in your life!

Jupiter Enters Gemini 

May ends with one of the luckiest events 2024: Jupiter enters Gemini on May 25th! This is a great time to expand, grow, and reach our highest life goals. Jupiter enhances communication and profitable collaborations for all signs. We can change our lives entirely through our words and actions and by using our networking. 

Stay open to new opportunities, and don’t let anything hold you back once the Great Benefic enters Gemini’s visionary psychological sign!  

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Final Thoughts

The most critical aspects of May 2024 will bring us a new era of opportunities, and many of us will start a new chapter in our lives. This is a month of optimism, positivity, and incredible celestial energy. We feel more confident and bloom like a beautiful garden at the beginning of summer! 

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