Today, we will delve into the progressed synastry chart. It is a fascinating aspect of astrology that combines the principles of a synastry chart and a progressed chart. It provides insights into the evolving dynamics of a relationship.

The Basics: Synastry, Progressed, and Progressed Synastry Charts

The synastry chart, or comparison of the natal charts, is used in astrology to study the compatibility between two individuals. It considers the birth dates, time of birth, and place of birth to map the planets’ natal aspects and original positions at the exact moment of an individual’s birth.

The progressed chart uses a technique called secondary progressions. This method moves the planets and other celestial bodies in a person’s birth chart forward by a ‘natural number’ of degrees (corresponding to the number of days since birth). For instance, the positions of the progressed sun, progressed moon, and progressed planets correspond to the locations of the sun, moon, and planets in the days subsequent to an individual’s birth.This reflects the person’s emotional development and internal growth.

Progressed synastry charts are a combination of these two techniques. They map out the potentialities of their relationship by comparing the progressed charts of two individuals.

Understanding Progressed Synastry Aspects

Progressed synastry aspects analyze the interaction between the progressed planets of one individual and the natal planets of the other. The evolving dynamics of the relationship can be understood by observing how these aspects change over time.

For example, the progressed sun of one person forming a conjunction with the natal Venus of the other may hint at a significant development in the relationship. This could indicate a deepening of affection or the start of a new phase in the relationship.

In progressed synastry, the house system also plays a crucial role. For instance, the 5th house is often linked with romantic and flirty affairs. Therefore, significant movements in this house could hint at developments in the love life of the individuals involved.

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Insights Gained from Progressed Synastry Charts

Progressed synastry charts offer a unique perspective on a relationship. They can provide insights on how two individuals grow and evolve together over time, and how these changes impact their relationship.

This technique gives the individuals a chance to take stock of their relationship, understanding how their internal changes are influencing their interactions. It could also hint at potential challenges that they may face and help them prepare for the same.

While the natal synastry chart gives us insights into the inherent compatibility between individuals, the progressed synastry chart provides a dynamic view of the relationship. This can be especially useful for understanding long-term compatibility.

Tying it Together with Composite Charts

In addition to progressed synastry, another technique used to assess relationship dynamics is the composite chart. This chart represents the relationship itself, as a separate entity, by calculating the midpoints between the pair’s planetary positions.

Combined with progressed synastry, composite charts can provide a holistic relationship view. For instance, the composite Venus position would hint at the love and affection in the relationship, while the progressed synastry aspects could show how this evolves over time.

Progressed synastry charts offer a fascinating lens to view and understand the dynamics of a relationship. They reveal how individuals grow and change together, highlighting potential strengths and challenges in the relationship.

As in all aspects of astrology, the journey of understanding progressed synastry charts is a deeply personal and introspective one, rewarding the seekers with insights that can help them navigate their relationships with greater awareness and empathy.

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