History of National Goat Yoga Month

Caprine vinyasa, often known as goat yoga, began in 2016 on a farm in Oregon, and was the amazing (and wholly unintentional) invention of farm owner Lainey Morse, who found solace in spending time with pet goats during a period of sadness after a divorce and then an autoimmune illness diagnosis. Morse soon started inviting her buddies over to do this, coining the phrase Goat Happy Hour. When Lainey’s yoga teacher asked if she wanted to include yoga in the happy-hour mix, a brilliant concept was formed – and the caprine vinyasa yoga lessons were a smashing success.

Goats, according to Lainey, are the ultimate therapeutic animals. Unlike other animals that relieve stress in people, goats do not require a special attachment to a person before they can fully engage with them. Even if you’re a stranger who just stepped into their barn, both baby and adult goats will approach you and beg to be petted.

Lainey is now in the course of copyrighting goat yoga as her own invention. She resigned from her marketing career and is now solely focused on creating her goat yoga events. However, the fad has spread well beyond Oregon, and yoga with young goats is now accessible in a variety of settings. Lainey Morse’s Oregon farm, where goat yoga originated, is now open to the public. Heather Davies, the yoga teacher who inspired Morse to start goat yoga lessons, leads sessions, and guests may attend one of the numerous goat yoga events held on the property. Morse and Davies want to spread the practice and create goat yoga facilities in Washington, Ohio, Georgia, and Kansas in the near future.

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