The supplements and vitamins space is crowded with countless options bearing the promise of optimal … [+] health. As consumers, we often wonder: “Which ones do I truly need?”


The conversation surrounding supplements can be polarizing. Some believe that they bring no more than placebo effects. Then there are those who regard dietary supplementation as if it were religion. I belong to the latter, having been raised to chew on Flintstones multivitamins during my childhood. Although supplements have always been a part of the daily routine, it’s evolved to include formulations that are targeted.

“Is there a difference? Do you actually feel better, stronger or healthier when you take vitamins?” asked a friend and former fashion journalist during a recent weekend trip to the beach. In truth, not all supplements are created equal. We also don’t need to take handfuls each day. It was only after consulting with a doctor and taking a nutritional test that I realized we only need a few good things.

Supplements help the body function at its optimum. They also provide the nutritional boost needed depending on our daily diets. When we are vitamin or mineral-deficient, it manifests through fatigue, mood swings, shortness of breath, weight loss or gain, as well as overall decrease in energy. By listening to our bodies and seeking expert advice from health professionals, we reap the full benefits from supplementing.

The ritual of chewing or ingesting supplements regularly has become so routine that it took a while before I could respond to my friend’s query. “I definitely feel more balanced and grounded,” I shared. Depending on the day and what the body needs, there are specific supplements on the shelf to help enhance our wellness journeys. Each formula, designed to that support us as we aim to show up as the best versions of ourselves. As we sipped on our wine and enjoyed the fresh ocean breeze, we went through a long list of tried-and-tested supplements. These were among the few that I vouched were worth trying. “They’ve made a difference in my wellness journey,” I asserted.

Psychoactive Chews and Plant-Based Roots for Mood, Focus, and Balance

MOON JUICE Super You for mood, stress management and focus.


Moon Juice Super You is a clinical strength, vegan, and gluten-free formula that helps boost energy, focus and improve mood. It draws from the philosophies of Ayurveda and Traditional Chinese Medicine, harnessing the health benefits of adaptogens like: Ashwagandha, Rhodiola, Shatavari, and Amla. Super You reduces our cortisol levels by up to 24% allowing us to show up feeling ready, focused and grateful for another busy day ahead.

KA EMPATHOGENICS Kanna Chews is also known as the “happiest plant on the planet.”


Kanna Chews were formulated by KA! Empathogenics to “activate full spectrum aliveness.” This natural empathogenic supplement harnesses the healing and revitalizing powers of a potent South African botanical called Kanna. Also known as the “happiest plant on earth,” this psychoactive (not psychedelic) ingredient uplifts mood, sharpens cognitive function, and enhances the feeling of being connected. The bite sized chews taste as good as it makes one feel. I love chewing on Kanna every morning just before a yoga or meditation practice. It sets the tone for a focused, grounded, and invigorating day.

Daily Dose Of Ayurvedic Healing And Immune Aging Defense

ELYSIUM Format Advanced Immune Support


ELYSIUM’S Format is the only immune defense formula out in the market today that directly targets immune aging. It destroys our bodies’ senescent cells, free radicals and fights oxidative stress, which are culprits behind an aged immune system. Format also promotes cellular renewal and intracellular recycling. This allows us to build a healthy immune foundation as we cycle around the sun.

Immunity Potion is a delicious supplement drop that follows the healing philosophies of Ayurveda and … [+] Traditional Chines Medicine.


Immunity Potion is a delicious, immune-boosting Ayurvedic supplement that makes you wish you needed more than one dose each day. It’s a versatile, effective, and travel-friendly wellness armor that you can take on its own, with chai lattes or juice. This holistic, all=natural potion is formulated with Amla, Ashwagandha, Black Pepper, Cardamom, Cinnamon, Cloves, Echinacea, Giloy, Ginger, Passionflower, Tulsi, and Turmeric. The Potion team adds, “We prescribe Potion with a centering ritual to engage all your senses, affirm your mantra, breathe into the present and visualize better health. Energy and mindset matter. It’s proven.”

How To Ring In Good Energy And High Frequencies

LIVE CONSCIOUS Beyond Brew Superfood Coffee Alternative


Beyond Brew by Live Conscious is a delicious and potent alternative to coffee. It’s packed with energy-boosting mushrooms like Lion’s Mane, Chaga, Reishi, Cordyceps, and Turkey Tail. Beyond Brew elevates our natural energy levels sans that nasty crash, which makes it ideal for a mid-day or late-afternoon boost. It also supports digestion, improves blood flow while fighting cell damage. Although a ways from kicking the caffeine habit, a cup of Beyond Brew has helped me to stay alert, active and focused–without the jitters and caffeine crash.

WINGED WOMEN’S WELLNESS Rise Up Energy and Focus Gummies


Winged Women’s Wellness Rise Up is good vibes and high energy in a gummy. I sampled a bottle a year ago and continue to recommend it to family and close friends looking for a supplements that provide that early morning pickup. This tasty, vegan blend combines brain boosting nootropics with adaptogens. Take two gummies every morning to stay active, focus and stress-free throughout the day. Rise Up also addresses a slow metabolic rate, brain fog, and challenges concentrating.

Natural Sleep Supplements For Your Deepest Sleep

LIFE ARMOUR Drops of Slumber All Natural Sleep Aid


Life Armour Drops Of Slumber has been on the wellness repertoire for over a year now. It’s never failed to usher in the deepest and most restorative night’s sleep. What I love about it is that even with regular use, the body does not develop tolerance for the all-natural sleep savior. Drops of Slumber’s delicious flavor and soothing effects are attributed to ingredients like Passionflower, Chamomile, Lavender, Valerian Root, Montmorency Cherry, and Peppermint.

NOURISHED Sleep Tight 3D Printed Stack


Nourished Sleep Tight Stacks can be likened to a delightful pillow mint just before tucking in. This sugar-free, 3-D printed, natural sleep stack combines Tart Cherry, Ashwagandha, 5-HTP, and Vitamin D and Zinc. Every stack significantly cuts down the time it takes to doze off and improves the quality of sleep. Instead of using bulky bottles, each stack is individually packed in travel-friendly, compostable sachets.

Supplements For Youthful, Radiant Skin

BIOSIL Collagen Generator Liquid Capsules


Biosil Collagen is the first vegan collagen boosting supplement. It supports skin, hair, nail, joint and bone health. A unique formula containing the brand’s patented ch-OSA compound “fuels the body’s powerful natural mechanisms for producing and protecting three key proteins – collagen, elastin, and keratin.” Like all good things, the results are gradual but significant, especially after a month of regular dosing. I’ve been taking Biosil religiously for the last two months and fine lines have softened in the most natural way possible. All Botox appointments on my calendar have also been canceled–indefinitely. Biosil is safe even for pregnant women. They are also compatible with other health supplements. Jen Atkins and ageless goddess Christie Brinkley are said to be fans.

ARAMORE NAD+ Vitalize Supplement


Aramore NAD+Vitalize Supplement combines proprietary NAD+ technology (a precursor to niacinamide) and natural botanicals to target the root of skin aging. This formula works to boost skin renewal and hydration. The result: smoother, younger-looking skin that reflects overall state of health and wellbeing. Vitalize also energizes and detoxifies.

Hair Vitamins For Graying or Thinning Hair

AREY Not Today, Grey Hair Supplements


Arey is a functional beauty brand dedicated to proactively addressing aging, gray hair. The team explains, “Scientists have identified that genetics only account for 30% of gray hair. Gray hair can be a message from the body about what may be lacking. Vitamin deficiencies due to diet and lifestyle choices, as well as chemicals in dyes can be contributors.” Not Today, Grey is a supplement from the brand that slows the graying of strands. It also stimulates hair growth and re-pigmentation. Taken as a support to Arey’s Shampoo, Conditioner and Hair Serum system, re-appearance of silver strays have decreased in frequency. Salon visits for color retouching have also been trimmed down to once every quarter.

HAIR LA VIE Clinical Formula Hair Vitamins


Hair La Vie Clinical Formula Hair Growth Hair Vitamins is a miracle-worker. After going through my first bottle, my hairstylist commented on how my hair had become thicker and stronger. “Whatever it is that you’re doing, keep at it,” he said. This hard-working hair vitamin enhances hair health by zooming in on total body nutrition. It utilizes a holistic blend of ingredients to support follicles and protect hair’s natural beauty. Out of the many hair vitamins that have debuted on my medicine shelf, Hair La Vie top the list for delivering on the promise.

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