A new yoga and wellness studio like few others opened its doors on Saturday in South Los Angeles.

The Tree Yoga Cooperative on East 60th street is a new Black and Latinx-owned studio.

It was founded in August 2020 “after years of teaching yoga and meditation throughout South Los Angeles,” according to their website. 

They are focused on addressing the mental and physical health challenges many communities are facing today.

“We believe that true education is the exploration and expression of the intelligence that resides inside everyone,” their website mission statement says. 

The studio provides accessible, inclusive, and culturally centered yoga classes to all body types, abilities and ages.

“That’s what this space is about, community, connection, coming together for healing and allowing ourselves to embrace life, embrace more of who we are” Jenna Johnson, director of programming, said. 

The studio’s owners say they are reimagining the ways we connect, heal, build, and celebrate ourselves individually and collectively.

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