The big three in astrology stand for sun signs, moon signs and rising signs. While they may not tell it all, they do speak volumes about your vibes, your personality, and your likes and dislikes.

The sun signs and moon signs are called the luminaries as they enlighten us about ourselves, our present and our future. The rising sign can be explained in layman’s terms as what makes you, you. Your consciousness inside the human body.

A combination of the three describes you, but each has its own importance. While your sun sign represents your ideal self or the self you wish to be. Your moon sign is more related to your environment and emotions. The environment that you grew up in and your emotions and characteristics are based on that.

With just having the knowledge of sun signs, you might relate to it the most, but your rising sign is the one that’s your definition. It describes your character, psychology and personality.

The sun sign refers to the position of the sun during your birth. It is based on your date of birth. It changes signs every thirty days and reflects who you want to be, your ideal self. Your connection to your sun sign grows with age as you learn to accept yourself.

The moon sign is the position of the moon during your birth. It is the inner you! While the sun sign is the brighter part of you, the silent, more emotional parts are guided by the moon. It moves through the signs every 2.5 days, providing insight into how we process actions and our reactions to them. Your inner desires and wishes are guided by your moon sign and their projection and execution in life are guided by your sun sign.

The rising sign or the ascendant, is related to the time of your birth, along with place, date and year. It originated from the zodiac sign that is “rising” on the eastern horizon during your birth. It changes every two hours and refers to how people around you perceive you and how you interact with the outer world.

How do the three work together?

For instance, your sun sign is cancer. As a sun sign it makes you a person with big aspirations and dreams of fame. However, you were brought up in a controlling environment and therefore, due to your moon sign, the aspirations of fame chime in from the habit of people pleasing integrated into you since childhood, therefore, ensuring your moon sign. Lastly, affected by this, you tend to be a person that mostly agrees to anything others expect you to do, while also silently wishing to break through. Thus, combining your sun, moon and rising signs.

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