What are the best crystals for Aries? The following three crystals support and balance Aries’ positive and negative traits. These Aries crystals are also traditionally associated with the zodiac sign of the Ram.

Pink Tourmaline

Aries can learn a lot from this serene and sympathetic crystal! The Pink Tourmaline is famous for its love of humanity and deep compassion. Wearing this crystal helps the more self-centred Aries types develop sympathy for others. It promotes better listening and understanding, so it is the perfect companion for Aries healers and counsellors. Pink Tourmaline promotes unconditional love and friendship and it is excellent for toning down some of the aggressive, individualistic energy of Aries.

Aries will find Pink Tourmaline helpful in finding a mate as it gives them more patience in relationships. The stone is also great for commitment and attracting supportive partners. Aries tend towards anxiety, so this crystal can help calm their frazzled nerves. The stone is a natural sedative! Rampant rams also tend to fall head-over-heals in love frequently, which makes them more likely to suffer heartbreak. They bounce back fairly quickly, but while everything is so dramatic, they will find great comfort in this gentle pink stone.

Aries are intensely passionate people with racing thoughts so Pink Tourmaline is perfect for their mental and emotional health. This pretty pink and loving stone is supposed to help with grief and depression. Pink Tourmaline can serve as a portable hug in the Aries’ pocket!

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