Ingenious Aquarius provides the gateway into 2023. Mercury, the symbol of the mind, is now moving forward, ending a cycle of being frozen by the past and general miscommunication. The action planet, Mars, is also ending a reversal cycle, so stagnation gives way to activity. Aquarius blends the mind and inspiration, both in technology and in humanitarianism. Aquarius, the bearer of electrical energy, allows us to develop one of the major themes for 2023, the cultivation and expression of our unique talents. Now that we have our wits about us and are no longer driving with the brakes on we can explore the potential of 2023. This is the year to bring your talents to the fore.

Aries- If you were a car you would be a Ferrari. Mars, the god of war, your astrological guide, has been reversing since the end of October. This has been like driving with the brakes on. Active Mars headed for the race track on January 12 so prepare to be back on track yourself.

Taurus- On Sunday, January 22, the planet Uranus, who can bring the unexpected into our lives, will start moving forward again in your sign, which should make life become a little more predictable. That day also initiates the start of the year of the gentle, artistic rabbit in the east.

Gemini- Lively Gemini started the year with your ruler winged Mercury reversing in hard working Capricorn. This served the purpose of allowing you to look back at your career in the year past. Now moving forward, Mercury is the messenger again and you are fleet of foot.

Cancer- Three times a year Mercury, the symbol of our brain, goes backward and haywire. At the end of 2022, this cycle began in your opposite sign of Capricorn. On the January 18, the messenger started forward motion, allowing your communication with others to be more straightforward.

Leo- Picture a line that goes across the horizon. On one end is Leo and the other Aquarius. Now that the geniac sign of the zodiac is in the center of the stars, partnerships are highlighted for you. Not only will others call to invite you out, but you will start initiating parties as well.

Virgo- Inventive Aquarius is welcoming forward motion in the stars. Mercury, your ruler, who allows you to be so artistic and organized, has finished his reversal cycle, making you quite effective. You find a combination of both love and responsibility in the month ahead.

Libra- Aquarius, your fellow air sign, stimulates your interest in education and travel. Massive Jupiter, the lucky planet, has entered your opposite sign of relationships, Aries. Now at last you will see the fortunate side of partnerships, with rewards arriving from your diligent efforts.

Scorpio- The complex Scorpio has two ruling planets: Mars for energy and Pluto for growth. Every two years Mars reverses, withdrawing vitality from your reservoir, but also allowing for introspection. This cycle ended earlier this month. Now you can bring your talents forward.

Sagittarius- Philosophical Sagittarius has as your guide massive Jupiter. Right before the Winter Solstice Jupiter jumped signs, from psychic Pisces into individualistic Aries. After a cycle of the development of compassion, you are now asked to present your unique talents to the world.

Capricorn- Mercury reverses three times a year, prompting both confusion and the ability to look backward and then integrate the past into the future. This cycle now ending was in your sign. Janus, your god, has two heads, one in 2022 and one in 2023, so this served your future well.

Aquarius- Happy Birthday! Happy dawning of the sign of Aquarius. Saturn, the schoolmaster of the stars spends two and a half years teaching each sign in turn. Your time in the schoolhouse ends in March. Work on finals, prepare to graduate and then apply your diploma to life.

Pisces- Before your sign comes ingenious Aquarius, the one with inventive solutions. Then Pisces finishes the astrological year with compassion for all beings. Your ruler intuitive Neptune continues with you, as does the asteroid of dedication, Vesta, who holds the eternal flame.

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