Year of the Rabbit Astrology 2023

Under the January 21-22, 2023, New Moon, we shift out of the year of the Yang Water Tiger and into the year of the Yin Water Rabbit.

In Chinese Astrology, the Rabbit brings hope, peace, and harmony. It is a much gentler energetic expression compared to the Tiger, which means 2023 is a good year to slow down, focus on what is really important, and make resting and recharging a priority.

The Quality of Yin Water

The Year of the Rabbit holds the qualities of Yin and Water, which are both soft and gentle energetic expressions. While we are encouraged to flow, trust our intuition, and seek joy, we may also find it challenging to make firm decisions, set boundaries, and take leaps of faith when it comes to our goals.

The Yin nature of the Rabbit encourages us to move from our hearts and to stay open to the flow of the Universe.

Rather than pushing forward or asserting what we already know to be true, Yin energy asks us to keep an open mind, stay open to new possibilities, and expand the ideas of what we thought possible.

We are encouraged to keep an open mind and not limit ourselves by restrictive thinking, attitudes, beliefs, or even goals and dreams. By keeping ourselves open, we may just surprise ourselves with the direction our life takes.

The element of water also represents going with the flow, and being more receptive to our higher senses. Last year we experienced the element of Yang Water, which is connected to rapid-flowing water and large bodies of water such as the ocean. Yin Water however, is softer and is connected to slow-bubbling streams, lakes, and rain.

While we can feel more relaxed and calm this year, there is also the tendency to stagnate or perhaps feel stuck in one place. We may find it harder to move forward or find ourselves moving forward quickly and then having a long period of pause.

This is also supported in Western Astrology, as in May, Jupiter, the planet of expansion and abundance, moves into slow-moving and pleasure-filled Taurus, which can encourage us to develop a “stop and smell the roses” attitude.

While we are all in need of some rest and recharging after the years passed, we will have to work a little harder to keep ourselves directed to avoid feelings of stagnation.

Working with the Yin Water Rabbit Energy

As the Rabbit is synonymous with creation, fertility, and rebirth, we may find ourselves birthing something new or clearing space for the new to arrive.

With creative energy high, we can explore new ways of being, think about things differently, or come up with some highly inspired ideas.

This push of creative energy is mirrored in western astrology too, with Saturn’s move into Pisces. Saturn in Pisces can not only boost our creativity but is also supportive of taking any creative ideas and turning them into something tangible.

The Yin Water Rabbit can be a passive energy, so hopefully, the Saturn in Pisces energy will encourage us to take that extra step to put our expressions out into the world.

It may also be helpful to remember that famous story of the rabbit and the tortoise, where the rabbit, so confident it was going to win the race, never really tries and ends up losing.

This could be a little cautionary tale for us in the Year of the Rabbit. Don’t lose sight of your end goal, get distracted from what is truly important, or miss out on an opportunity because you were napping through it! And, don’t allow your ego to misguide you.

This is where keeping an open and flexible mind will come in handy. Challenge yourself to keep learning and growing, and allow the Universe to surprise you!

For making progress and for the best success in the year of the Rabbit, take action during the season of Spring, or the rainy season depending where you live. This is when the energies of mother earth will be most supported by the energies of the Yin Water Rabbit.

Yin Water Rabbit Year Predictions

The year of the Yin Water Rabbit will be fantastic for the hospitality and wellness industry, especially those that cater to indulgence and relaxation. Creative industries will also get a boost thanks to the intuitive and expressive nature of the Yin Water Rabbit.

With strong fertile energy around us, it could be a very entrepreneurial time, bringing a growth in small businesses. More people may decide to start or expand their families too.

As Yin Water is a very flowy energy, it may not be the best when it comes to finances. Money may need to flow out before it can first flow in. You can counterbalance this by adopting some feng shui principles for creating abundance.

The Rabbit is also associated with love and friendship, making it a fantastic year to focus on socializing, networking, and expanding your community. If you are looking for love, the year of the Rabbit offers some strong support.

With strong Yin Water energy, there could be an increase in natural disasters involving water. You may also wish to protect your home from leaks or flooding.

Yin Water energy supports taking a gentle approach and following your intuition. If you find yourself in a difficult situation this year, come back to this idea and consider ways to be gentle with yourself and others.

Year of the Rabbit blessings to you!

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