Ambassador Seleshi Awulachew (Courtesy photo)

Ambassador Seleshi Awulachew recently stopped in Los Angeles to extol the benefits of doing business in Ethiopia.

According to one of the newest diplomats to the U.S., multiple opportunities exist for investors seeking to establish commercial relationships in one of Africa’s most prosperous countries. And the Honorable Dr. Awulachew can assist financiers in making those critical connections.

Outlining investment prospects, the ambassador cited “the telecom sector, the energy sector and the agriculture sector are flourishing areas.” He also noted the potential in “the media sector and tourism sector” for African Americans desiring a presence in Ethiopia.

Hardly new to the international scene, Awulachew boasts more than 30 years global executive experience. Previously, he served in a range of top positions such as advisor to the Prime Minister of Ethiopia, Chief Negotiator/Minister on the Grand Ethiopian Renaissance Dam and Senior Inter-Regional Climate Change Advisor at the United Nations.

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As the Minister of Energy, Water, and Irrigation, the operations of the Ethiopian Electric Power, Ethiopian Electric Utility, the Irrigation Commission and the Water Supply and Sanitation Commission were under his purview. He also led other critical agencies associated with meteorology, electrification, irrigated agriculture and geothermal energy.

Councilmember Curren Price and Ambassador Awulachew. (Courtesy photo)

With such as well-rounded background, the ambassador is extremely knowledgeable about the myriad of possibilities for doing business in Ethiopia and he urged Black Americans to partner with him in strengthening the bond between the U.S. and his country.

“I would like to see African Americans reap the benefits of investment in Ethiopia,” said Awulachew, adding that under the administration, banks can establish branches in his country as well as manufacturing companies. In addition, he touted the nation as a vacation destination.

“Ethiopia offers a lot for tourists. We have a lot of historical places to visit, many churches and historical monuments, and many unique animals,” the ambassador said.

“Our Science Museum shows Africa’s contributions in the modern world in astrology and astronomy. In terms of humanity and the origin of mankind, we have the famous Lucy,” shared Awulachew referring to the 3.2 million-years-old skeleton considered to be the oldest human fossil.

Most importantly, Awulachew said, “We’d like to enhance investment in Ethiopia and establish a stronger relationship between the United States and our country.”

To learn more about business opportunities and tourist attractions, call the Consulate General of Ethiopia at (213) 365-6651 or visit


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