First, Cameron Martin checked the couple’s synastry. In so doing, he found that “it is clear that these two were destined to meet.” He explained that “their vertices (indicator of fated meetings) are conjunct (together) in the house of love, romance, play, and pleasure. There is a strong attraction and chemistry between both of them.” He gave us further details by noting that “Camilla’s natal Moon squares Charles’s natal Venus indicating a very strong emotional connection between the two that can be restless and can sometimes lead to misunderstandings and hurt feelings.” Considering the on-again, off-again history of the relationship between King Charles and Queen Consort Camilla, that makes sense.

“There is passion here, for sure,” Martin told us, “but it isn’t always stable. They both have strong energy signatures that suggest a need for deep connection, however, they both like different things and have to learn to manage their expectations to maintain harmony in the relationship.” Specifically, the professional Astrologer’s research indicates that “Charles values home, beauty and tradition, while Camilla values the more emotional, subconscious, and even spiritual aspects of life. However, they both have Mercury in water signs suggesting that they understand each other emotionally and have an intimate conversational approach to each other.”

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