Astrology is a guiding light for Gen Z as they turn to the stars for their journey in love, self-help, and more. To help beginners explore astrology and give fans a hub to learn more – global interactive production studio, makemepulse, created a new microsite experience for Spotify.

Aiming to bring users in the US to their Astrology Hub through personalised podcast playlists, the site features Bumble’s Compatibility Corner, which hosts rich videos and articles from Bumble’s expert astrologers Aliza Kelly and Amelia Quint, bringing all the insights you need to navigate compatibility and dating.

Take a look here.

With a simple UX/UI journey, consumers are quickly able to identify and share playful facts about their personal astrological signs regardless of whether they’re an astrological novice or nerd. Focusing on simple questions and gestures based on interactions, users quickly move through the experience, learning about themselves.

makemepulse worked with illustrator Leandro Assis (known as Lebassis), represented by Jelly London, who designed a visual representation of astrology. The artist produced illustrations for the 12 astrological signs with his own inimitable style, brought in bright, solar themed oranges and yellows along with hints of purple adding contrast and consistency with the Spotify brand.

Through the creative, makemepulse’s goal was to bring a playful, fun, and easy to identify astrology experience to consumers.

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