Dr Gaurav Gite is a big name in the filed of astrology, he is from District khandwa of Madhya Pradesh (india). he has done doctorate In astrology & serving peoples not only in india but all over the world. He is having depth knowledge of astrology. The main thing is, he is doing regular campaigning against rapine and superstitions in the name of astrology. He has founded VS Astrology in 2012 and launched it at social media in 2016 through Youtube. After good response from youtube he has launched VS Astrology at facebook & instagram. Again here he found good response from peoples. Right now there are millions of viewers & students of astrology are following tips & lerning from VS Astrology.

Dr Gaurav Gite has a aim to teaching astrology to common peoples because he believes that astrology is a great invention by our rishi muni for common people to serve them, to solve there problems. Astrology is a complex subject and not easy to undertand and that’s the only reason common and innocent people come to the astrologer but harsh reality is some so called astrology peoples are looting in the name of astrology. & due to this harsh reality dr gaurav gite teaches astrology free of cost by VS Astrology, sothat common people can understand astrology and do not fall in superstitions.

Let a look at how Dr Gaurav Gite became a top astrologer.

*Dr Gaurav Gite is from a small disctrict & coming from a common family as he can understand the struggle of common peoples.

*After passing away his father In the age of only 9 year old he struggled a lot & then he found that destiny matters big role. He studied astrology from a very small age & after he did doctorate in astrology.

Dr Gaurav Gite born on 01 august 1989 so he is young astrologer who is having big aim & big desire to serve.

He found the harsh reality that there is very much looting in the name of god & astrology specially in India so he started campain against rapine & superstitions.

*along with astrologer, Dr Gaurav Gite is a good teacher also, he teaches astrology that liked by all the followers & viewers.

*Dr Gaurav Gite was a student of mathematics & science in his school & college, so he understand modern science also very well.

*He Is a good mathematician. As an astrologer it is very much important.

*Dr Gaurav Gite is not money minded as he doing many live shows in social media & does kundali consultation free of cost in there live shows. He also helps poor peoples fro free.

*Dr Gaurav Gite founded VS Astrology, & VS Astrology is most loved astrology place in social media now a days & it is growing day by day.

*Dr Gaurav gite is soft spoken & genuine astrologer, soft spoken & smiley face is a big USP of him.

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