Mark Biehl returns to Zen in October! The July meditation was INCREDIBLE! Welcome to SANCTUARY, a complete immersion into the world of sound and vibration that will gently guide you into a state of heightened awareness and lasting tranquility. Mark Biehl hosts this blissful journey with over 20 Tibetan singing bowls, gongs, chimes, and indigenous flutes. Also featuring Breathwork, Guided Imagery, and Group Chanting to enhance and direct your experience to a higher level. Let SANCTUARY be your ideal refuge for a more focused, peaceful and balanced life. No meditation experience is necessary. Please bring a yoga mat, blanket and pillow. Dress comfortably. It’s preferable not to eat for an hour prior.

Mark Biehl (CVSC & LSHC) is a lifelong musician and composer and the founder of Acuity Soundworks®. Mark is dedicated to the development and presentation of music and sound to inspire creative thought and action. Mark is a Certified Vibrational Sound Coach and Licensed Spiritual Health Coach. He has received training in Primordial Sound Meditation with Deepak Chopra, traditional shamanic sound practices with Zacciah Blackburn of the Center of Light Institute, and Certification in Sound Healing with Himalayan Singing Bowls from Nepalese Master Teacher Suren Shrestha. He has fifteen years’ experience in sound healing, and offers both private and group sound sessions. Mark believes in the idea that sound creates a gateway into deeper levels of consciousness, the heart, and soul. As a result, he utilizes various sound tools and the voice in conjunction with his spiritual health coaching skills and positive intention to gently support positive shifts in our perspective on life.

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