“Are you getting caught in the Great Reshuffle unable to get workers to commit to your business?” I asked a prospect on a sales call today. 

“Absolutely,” she answers, “when people show up, they’re great, but I can’t get anyone to consistently show up. There are too many other options out there for them.” 

I then advise her on ways to inspire prospects to invite them into your world and to onboard her team members once they’ve said yes. She’s frazzled and I can tell she isn’t paying attention to her prospective hires or her team members in the ways that she wants to in order to run her business effectively. 

“Treat your prospects and current workers as you would clients,” I say as an additional piece of advice. 

If she implements this advice, she’ll be better off than other companies in her field. As a growing business in the service industry, she needs to have consistency in her workers’ ability to meet her clients’ needs. 

Workers have so many options now and business leaders need to learn how to attract and retain employees amongst a growing push for worker’s priorities.  

During the pandemic, so many workers chose to stay out of work due to the trouble predicting when they could work and when they couldn’t due to state or district quarantine requirements. This was known as the Great Resignation. Now the Great Resignation has given way to the Great Reshuffle, where workers have an unprecedented level of choice. 

Astrology predicts the Great Reshuffle to continue for the rest of 2022 and well into 2023 requiring businesses to adapt to focusing on workers’ desires and needs as they align with these priorities with their businesses goals and values. 

The stars have been conspiring since 2020 to put worker’s priorities front and center to help them realize their value by commanding respect and prioritizing their wellbeing and that of their loved ones. The stars have continued to add layers of workers’ concerns regarding inclusion, healthy work environments and predictability. 

1. Priorities

The first way the stars foretell making workers’ priorities important for business occurs on January 12, 2020 as Saturn-Pluto meet at 23° Capricorn. Epic change is here. Workers wish to be appreciated, respected and valued as Saturn forces the question, “What’s truly important?” and Pluto uncovers the honest truth. Every individual has assessed what he or she values and wants to create in life. The truth of what truly matters reveals itself through the pandemic, forever changing the landscape of how businesses operate. As workers review priorities, businesses have been required to adapt since the first quarter 2020. Optimizing and systemizing these adaptations is in their best interests.   

2. Healthy work environments

The second way the stars reveal the importance of business putting workers at the forefront happens on December 21, 2020 at 0°Aquarius when Jupiter and Saturn meet in their Grand Conjunction kicking off the next 20 years. Aquarius is the sign of the future where Jupiter creates opportunity and Saturn makes it real. Healthy work environments that are inclusive is a force that’s here to stay. The ability for businesses to lead with confidence and authority on diversity, equity, inclusion and belonging should be included in every business strategy. Additionally, communication and engagement between leaders and workers is another priority regardless of whether workers are remote or on site. 

3. Predictability

The third way the stars signal lasting change in workers’ priorities transpires through the star clangs between Saturn and Uranus throughout 2021 with remaining tension until October 2022.  Saturn pulls on the past through grinding and unrelenting tension while Uranus pushes for the future through shocking and immediate impulses. These stars have created chaos and uncertainty and continue to do so for the next few months. Employees crave predictability and seek it out while yearning for healthy and inclusive work environments. The traditional past erodes and the unconventional future awaits. The employment future is bright with the democratization of innovations from technologies such as; Web 3.0 and the acceptance of remote work by employers and clients. 

Going forward, the Great Reshuffle is supported by Jupiter’s movement into Aries in April 2022 and then into Taurus in 2023 and Pluto’s dance into Aquarius in 2023. Jupiter in Aries signifies successful leadership, giving leaders the motivation and energy to show up as the best version of themselves as leaders. Jupiter in Taurus opens abundance and good fortune through effort and resilience.  Pluto in Aquarius pushes progressive transformation that is significant and sweeping. Workers priorities for inclusion, wellbeing, and predictability grow stronger over the next few years and remain in place for the foreseeable future. Business leaders who meet employee priorities will see the highest retention and experience the greatest growth. The stars have spoken. 

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