If you’re into fresh takes from expert astrologers and astro-lovers with different sets of practices and backgrounds, celebrity astrologer Aliza Kelly has you covered. Every week, Kelly combines astrology education with exclusive expert interviews in her cosmic podcast, Stars Like Us. Kelly dives deep into astrological conversation, with help from experts like famed Tik Tok astrologer, Cole Prots and Twitter’s astrologer, Milk Strology, Kelly takes us on an hour-long astrological adventure in the stars, debunking Gemini myths, the future of astrology, and the practice of Hoodoo.

Fusing discussions around esoteric practices of spirituality with astrological topics like Hoodoo with Witch Doctor Alex, Stars Like Us encourages conversation from practitioners with different backgrounds and practices of astrology. Kelly also opens up the parallels between spiritual growth and using the stars for guidance — and how to use both to garner self-actualization. Both educational and conversational, Kelly drives discussions that are entertaining, inclusive, and good for the soul.

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