‘The bowls help with immune function, give clarity to the mind, relieves stress and anxiety.., sleep deprivation,’ says local Reiki master

Singing bowl classes are coming to Bradford. 

What is a singing bowl, anyway?

Singing bowls (also known as standing or resting bells) are commonly used for meditation. The striking of the crystal bowl’s rim with a small mallet produces a sustained musical vibration. The vibrations are said to promote relaxation and powerful healing properties, causing physical, mental, and emotional effects on those who hear the tones.

Bradford resident Andrea Silva, owner of Light of Love Wellness,  is a certified Reiki master and hypnosis healer. She is also a social worker from York University who has worked in the psychiatric ward of a hospital for several years.

Silva offers a variety of techniques and often uses singing bowls at her home studio as an important part of her practice to help ‘cleanse’ clients. 

“You have to be fully prepared for this, it will wash you right out,” she warns about the singing bowls and Reiki.

Recently, Silva offered a ‘Sound Bowl Healing Meditation’ class at a studio in Bradford. It was a sellout that prompted her to resume the offer the classes on a weekly basis. 

“The bowls help with immune function, give clarity to the mind, relieves stress and anxiety.. or (helps with) sleep deprivation,” explains Silva. “The vibration that comes off these crystal bowls has been scientifically proven to relieve cortisol levels in the body, allowing you to become more relaxed and balanced while clearing your chakras.”

Silva explains she takes each client on a guided meditation while receiving healing frequencies and harmonies from these sacred sound healing instruments. She uses crystal bowls, chimes, and bells to create a variety of tones that each produce a different result in the body. She says the experience can be overwhelming for first-timers.

“I had never tried singing bowls before I met Andrea,” shared one client who recently visited Light of Love Wellness’s home studio for the first time. “The effects on my body were incredible and nothing I could have prepared for.”

Historically, singing bowls originated from Asia and were often referred to as ‘Tibetan music’.  They were used in many Buddhist and Monk religious practices to accompany meditation. Today, they have become popular in Western society used by many music therapists, sound healers, and yoga practitioners.

Silva’s classes are held every Wednesday at 7 p.m. at 133 Metcalfe Drive in Bradford. Silva chose to host the classes at this location because of the available space to accommodate social distancing regulations. It is inside an open garage which allows for more airflow during the session.

“At this location, we don’t have to rush clients when something important is going on,” shares Silva. “This type of cleansing and clearing can sometimes take a while.”

For now, Silva’s classes run once a week but will consider adding another class if the demand is there. 

“This in-person workshop will leave you feeling restored and will relieve any stress or anxiety that you may be feeling,” describes Silva. “Bring anything that comforts you – water, pillow, blanket.”

Classes are limited to a maximum of 20 people. To register for classes or to visit Andrea Silva for a private or group session , text: 289-338-0913. 

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