Women are viewed as inferior to men in nations ruled by patriarchy. They are referred to as a tool or a toy. Exploitation and violence are the terms we often hear women complain about. However, we have seen women emerge as strong leaders despite their circumstances. It is believed that astrology and sun signs have a lot to do with their mind power. Here’s a list of sun signs that emerge as strong leaders.

1 Aries: The Mightiest 

The strongest women on the zodiac lies under this sign. According to the charts, Aries women are defined as ambitious, strong and impulsive. Being impulsive is often seen to work against your will but this also seems to be a positive trait for you. The leading sign, Aries has its inner part filled with fire and power. Hence, you are not an easy goer, who easily gives up on any difficult time. Nothing seems to stop you, because you wait for the end at any cost.  And, based on these traits Aries women are the most powerful ones, ranked top on the list.

2 Cancer- The caregiver

A Cancerian woman is the second strongest sign. This sensitive sun sign will surprise you all with its opposite traits and personality. According to astrology, women who lie under this sign are fierce about protecting those they care about and this makes you one of the strongest signs. By your personality, you are being compared to the mother bear, who looks after her cubs and as a fierce lad, whose care is unstoppable to their dear ones. A Cancerian woman is a master at healthy boundaries and knows how to manage her own emotions in a very healthy way. Even though you seem to be quite a sensitive person by heart, yet the most powerful by the mind.

3 Scorpio: The Strategist

Scorpions are associated with strategies. A Scorpion woman is as strong as a Scorpio. Your strength comes from the inner and outer sides of your soul. Unlike any other strong sun signs like Aries and Cancer, a Scorpio woman is known to be a silent minded person in terms of planning. A woman who falls under this sign is a strategist with the strongest desires. You seem to be one of those who carry the trait of stubbornness in terms of achieving your desires. No matter what the consequences are you’ll work towards your goal till the end.

4 Capricorn- The Enthusiast

You are the one with less fear and more confidence. You never fail while doing good deeds. A Capricorn woman is known to be one of the most successful because she never quits in any circumstance. You don’t think twice before stepping ahead. Whether it’s your domestic front or professional front, you give your best and work relentlessly for what you have desired. By trait, you are the most practical one and an enthusiast.

5 Leo: The most followed

Being in the top five, Leo women are the ones, who value others the most, which speaks volumes of their strength. A Leo woman sets the best boundaries and limits on any matter. You’re the one with optimistic nature and no self-doubts. The zeal in you helps you bring the best outputs to work and make you the most followed.

6 Pisces: The dreamer

The fish sign zodiac has a soul full of emotions and empathy. But when we talk about strength and power you aren’t the weakest. You may not be the strongest but you keep a safe distance from the ones who try to intimidate you easily. You are not easily browbeaten. Whoever falls under this sign tend to be temperamental but at the same time, you take stands for those who matter the most. Such traits make you less weak and strong compared to other signs in astrology. Hence, intelligence keep you awake!






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