In contrast with the finality of the full moon, new moons embody the kickoff of fresh projects and ideas. However, it’s tough to give your full energy to new endeavors when old habits or obligations are taking up your time. This is why Honigman suggests using the new moon as a chance to release anything that may be holding you back.

“The new moon is the perfect chance for a fresh start,” says Honigman. “As the new moon is reborn, so are our opportunities to start something new. There’s no point in dragging old projects, friendships, or relationships that no longer serve us. Use the time of the dark moon as a full stop. Delete or throw away the old, and this will help bring in the new.”

It can be tough to let go, but holding onto everything will only spread your energy thin and prevent you from devoting yourself fully to your current priorities. If you feel guilty about saying goodbye to hobbies, habits, or even people, let yourself instead feel gratitude for the value they brought to your life in the past. Then acknowledge that their era has ended, and now it’s time to move forward on the swell of potential that grows from new moon to full.

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