After a cancer diagnosis, it’s best to get the opinion of two other health professionals and investigate different ways to heal the condition. The best ones are not popular, they are natural, non invasive, with a low cost. I’m going to talk about one of them, and about this disease in simple words for people know how to successfully prevent this horrible condition.

All cancer cells have something in common regardless of where develops, their mitochondria are dysfunctional, these cells do not use oxygen as an energy source, they ferment glucose (sugar) and glutamine (an amino acid) for their existence, very important information to know for stopping proliferation and grow, to annihilate them and reduce the risk of this disease.

Glucose and glutamine are the two most important nutrients used by cancer cells for their proliferation and growth. According to this study Glutamine metabolism plays a central role in the regulation of uncontrolled tumor growth. So without a doubt, fasting is the best strategy to starve cancer cells, stop growth and proliferation and it is natural, non-invasive, anti-aging with many other great benefits and I am going to talk about that in this article as well.

I never heard about fasting until my neighbor in Berlin cured her breast cancer by stop eating for days, that was crazy for me. I going to talk a little bit about her story also. Nowadays fasting is the most powerful weapon I use to help people reverse their biological age as anti-aging coach. That’s why I know how dangerous it is for the existence of cancer cells, its benefits are incredible and can even be used to prevent hair loss during chemotherapy.

Personal Cancer Stories

I have 3 different cancer-related stories experienced in my life. The first is about my cousin with Leukemia who decided to take chemotherapy. The day she died she woke up very well, feeling amazing, it had been a long time since she didn’t wake up feeling so good result of the toxic treatment she was receiving. So that day her family got together to discuss if it was the best to consume her last dose of chemotherapy because she was already ok.

The family came to the conclusion that she should take his medications as recommended by the doctor and she did. Later she began to feel very bad, she was admitted to the hospital where she died at the age of 20. The second story is about my neighbor in Berlin, who told me that she had breast cancer and was treating her condition with prolonged fasting. This was my first approach to fasting, now I do it very often but before she cured her cancer with fasting, I was absolutely unaware of its incredible benefits to reverse the biological age.

I take a lot of herbal supplements and my opinion was to give her body the right tools to fight rather than take them away but it was my opinion from that past state of ignorance. Prolonged fasting reduces cancer by starving cancer cells, it produces a new immune system able to remove them, and the hungry cells begin to eat internal stuff to survive, such as viruses, harmful bacteria, dysfunctional mitochondria and after days even cancer cells.

After 4 months her breast cancer disappeared, she did a very prolonged fast which can be difficult but probably is even harder to introduce in your body the mainstream remedies for cancer that damage the organism due its toxicity, reducing the healthspan due to irreversible DNA damage. The last story is about other cousin currently fighting Hodgkin’s lymphoma.

A chemotherapy protocol was taken and cancer cells successfully disappeared but months later they reappeared. She did the same protocol for second time and cancer was removed but months later reappeared again and the doctors now want to treat her condition with radiation. Doctors never suggested cutting down on sugar or changing anything in her diet.

Cancer is a Metabolic Disease

In 1931, Otto Warburg won the Nobel Prize after proved that Cancer cells cannot breath, and instead of oxygen they fermented glucouse (sugar) and use it as energy source, this is called “aerobic glycolysis,” The energy metabolism in cancer cells depends primarily on anaerobic glycolysis, known as the Warbug effect. Otto discovered that tumors consume enormous amounts of glucose because cells cannot breathe, their mitochondria do not work anymore.

The Warburg effect is characterized by high glucose uptake and lactate release and it is now considered a hallmark of almost all tumors. The mitochondria from all cancer cells are unable to use oxygen as energy source, they fermented sugar and glutamine to have energy instead of oxygen as normal cells do. Its proliferation can be controlled with certain ketogenic diet to lower glucose and by fasting glutamine levels, which is unfortunately found in many foods.

What Causes Cancer ?

Genetics and mitochondria dysfunction and often the dysfunction is result of pollution, stuff people eat, drink, smoke, breath or introduce in medication damage the organism. The human body is very vulnerable to pollution and when all the mitochondria do not function anymore the cell is programmed to apoptosis and die later. This is what happens often inside the body but when it is out of control, these cells propagate and then cancer is diagnosed.

To prevent cancer avoiding pollution is strategic, it is on the air, water, medicines and many food products. High quality sleep is mandatory, live without stress and having hormonal balance. Cruciferous vegetables and adaptogenic herbs are important to consume to keep hormones well. For example estrogen is a hormone that makes things bigger, it did not cause cancer but can accelerates the grow and propagation of a few cancer cells leading to cancer.

Stressful events can cause the proliferation as well because during stressful moments the body liberates cortisol which produces a lot of glucose but as well paralyzes the immune system who removes cancer every single day and probably hour. In presence of cortisol the immune system never operates, it is not a priority for the body, so stress can cause cancer and lack of sleep. It is important to know this to completely battle the disease from all areas.

Fasting is an Effective Way to Heal Cancer

Fasting is the best non-invasive natural treatment for cancer no matter what stage it is in. Emerging evidence suggests that fasting could play a key role in cancer treatment by fostering conditions that limit cancer cells’ adaptability, survival, and growth. Fasting helps to reduce the negative effects of chemotherapy, including hair loss according to the testimonial in the video below. If it is combined with certain herbal compounds such as Curcuma, EGCG, Allin, Alpha Lipolic Acid, red algae, garcinia and mushrooms in extract succeed is increased.

Even more if its reduced the consumption of processed sugars, Carbs, ultra-processed foods, GMOs, vegetable oils and cruciferous vegetables and pomegranate. Which is the only food I know that promotes mitophagy, the re-emplacement of dysfunctional mitochondria inside the cell. There are many mitochondria and when some are damaged the cell eat them and a new ones are produced, this what mitophagy is in simple words.

If all the mitochondria inside the cell are dysfunctional, it became Cancer cell and the immune system remove it. Another natural treatment with a lot of success stories from people with cancers in an advanced stage and considered terminal ill by doctors who have been healed by consuming daily Rick Simpsons THC oil. This remedy can be done at home with Cannabis Indica, it is safe, very healthy and much more effective than chemotherapy.

As many people living in countries with authoritarian governments forcing everyone to get vaccinated, doctors are forced to use chemotherapy, radiation, and other toxic, harmful and ineffective methods to treat cancer. This is why my neighbor distanced her doctor after the positive result in Cancer to treat and heal it by her own, guided by different expert opinions.

The best thing to do after a cancer diagnosis is to seek a second opinion

Fasting heals your whole body, helps with overweight, it is more effective than any skin product to reduce wrinkles, reverse aging and it does not cost any money. It is the only scientifically proved way to extend your healthspan considerably. And the best to heal from cancer is to combine different remedies and strategies as the guy from the video below did.

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