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Welcome to The Wesleyan Argus’ weekly astrology column: Astrology With Nico. Each Friday, pick up a copy of the paper to get acquainted with the vibes for the week ahead.

Advice for all: As we approach the Gemini Full Moon on the 7th, everybody will be feeling passionate and chaotic. You may feel a sense of urgency, anger, or even fear. As emotions rise, you may find a conflict between what you are thinking and what you believe. Actions taken now will have a long-term effect on the way you relate to others. You may feel an impulse to be expansive, but this may lead to errors. Good luck will come if you make the necessary decisions, take specific action and use few words.

Aries: March 21–April 19

This weekend you are thinking about what you have learned about yourself and where this new knowledge will lead you. Take the opportunity to reduce your connections with others so you may be more clear in your direction. Later in this week, you will be presented with the chance to fight or flee. Choose the winning option.

Taurus: April 20–May 20

After a period of change and transformation, you are still contemplating the deeper aspects of your life. Take this moment to share who you are with someone. Tell them a secret or how you really feel. You will be surprised by the relief this will bring you.

Gemini: May 21–June 21

Life has been chaotic for you recently and this week, it seems that this energy reaches its boiling point. You may feel the need to blurt out the millions of thoughts that have been crossing your mind. You aren’t sure how harsh you are being—words have consequences even when they seem like harmless thought experiments. Finding something that comforts you will soften this energy.

Cancer: June 22–July 22

You are feeling like you can finally take a breath of fresh air. As you ground yourself in a routine or as you take time to focus on your health you will feel your emotions stabilize. Later this week, take some time for yourself and check in with your subconscious.

Leo: July 23–August 22

This week, you are feeling good and you are ready to have fun. Let yourself indulge in this adventurous and carefree spirit. Later in the week, you may meet someone new and exciting or deepen an already existing friendship.

Virgo: August 23–September 22

This week you may feel some conflict between where you find comfort and the responsibilities that you have. It seems like you want to find perfection in both, but you are only human. Finding a balance between routine and your relationships may bring you more stability.

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