Chandra Grahan 2022: Today is the first Lunar Eclipse of this year which started from 7:02 AM. This Lunar Eclipse is going to be occured on Full Moon i.e. Purnima Tithi in the month of Vaishakh, Monday 16th May 2022. The Lunar Eclipse will be effective for 5 hours and 17 minutes.
The Lunar Eclipse is not visible in India but will be sighted in the other countries like North South America, Europe, Africa and the other countries of Middle East. As per Drik Panchang, at the time of Chandra Grahan, moon will change its position and it will come in Scorpio Sign and Vishakha nakshatra.
Chandra Grahan 2022 Date and Time

Chandra Grahan Date and Time
Chandra Grahan Date 16th May 2022, Monday
Chandra Grahan Starts Time 16th May 2022, 07:02 AM
Chandra Grahan Ends Time 16th May 2022, 12:20 PM

According to the Astrology, this is going to be one of the most intense moment of the year. It is a natural Astronomical event. For the last few years it has been observed that Chandra Grahan and also Solar Eclipse had been sighted very frequently. It is important to note that the effect of Eclipse sighted in the recent past had a very adverse effects. As we can see all over the world people have been facing the pandemic and gone through a lot of emotional, physical and mental ups and downs. The current tension happening between the countries like America and China, Ukraine and Russia is the noticeable situation and above all there is a threat of third world war also.
Astrological Prediction
According to a renowned astrologer Nandini Sharma, it is predicted that there would be some adverse effects of this Chandra Grahan. As moon will come in Scorpio which is a water sign and ruled by the Mars. If the war between the countries will proceed then there could be a chance of third world war particularly in South China sea and Black Sea.
Zodiac Sign wise Lunar Eclipse effects

Zodiac Sign Effects
Aries Health related issues and Financial problems may occur
Taurus New opportunities of jobs and business
Gemini Fruitful results and maintain concentration level
Cancer Be positive and keep mind calm and balanced
Leo Favourable time but need to be careful from enemies.
Virgo Favourable for marriage proposals, business and partnerships, however with some delay
Libra May face some struggles, money related problems and conflicts with their partner
Scorpio Long term investment will not be fruitful
Sagittarius Possibility of buying a new car or new home and can plan to go on vacations.
Capricorn May get back blocked money very soon
Aquarius Can face struggle in personal and in professional life
Pisces Time is favourable and will give satisfactory results.

People who wants to protect themselves from the malefic effect of Lunar Eclipse, must chant the Mantra as follows:-
1. Maha Mrityunjay Mantra
2. Om Namah Shivay
3. Vishnu Sahasranaam
1. People must do Yoga and Meditation
2. Keep yourself Positive
3. Drink Plenty of water
4. Must take a holy bath after Eclipse to cleanse your body and soul

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