We all know that Venus is the planet of love. It is named the Goddess of love, beauty, and pleasure, so it makes sense that it rules over these same areas in astrology. It is about value. It governs your relationship to money, aesthetics, and what you find lavish. But perhaps more notoriously, our Venus signs tell us about our style of loving and romancing — how we flirt, show affection, experience sensual pleasure, fall in love, derive value from relationships, and more. So, if Venus is your ruling planet, you are blessed because you have a solid connection to love and affection, and your life will be filled with love and romance.

Zodiac signs ruled by Venus

If you are a Taurus or Libra, consider yourself lucky because Venus is your ruling planet. Venus will influence your personality, and you will always have a feminine essence. Because of Venus’s influence, you will be gentle, sensitive, and compassionate. It will also make you more patient and peaceful, and the impact on your personality will be immeasurable. It will influence your character, but it will also affect your relationship.

What will happen if Venus is in the wrong position

Venus is believed to be favourable in the 2nd, 3rd, 4th, 7th, and 12th houses. If Venus is in any aforementioned positions, it will positively impact you. However, it is unfavourable if Venus is in the first, sixth, or ninth houses. These situations are seen to be harmful, and hence Venus’s incorrect position will have numerous negative implications in your life.

You can have many arguments and problems in your love life, and marriage may also become challenging. You will not be able to manage your emotions, which will influence your behaviour, and you may find yourself doing harmful things to yourself. Since Venus governs love, affection, and emotions, it significantly impacts love relationships if it is in an unfavourable position.

However, many cures have been developed to assist persons with Venus in the wrong place. Those cures would help you in eradicating all of your life’s consequences.

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